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Letters from the Minister for Local Government 2020

June 2015

from Corinne Thompson
Coordination Manager Central Coast, Roads and Maritime Services

Response from RMS re: Brisbane Water Drive Upgrades

Traffic congestion along Brisbane Water Drive from Point Clare roundabout to West Gosford intersection early morning. (CC2015/72)

RMS appreciates that that despite the ongoing efforts of the Contractor to minimise the effect of the intersection upgrading works, that at times some delays and queuing will occur in the vicinity of the work.  One of the major challenges for the  project is to complete the reconstruction of the intersection and at the same time provide for the 70,000 vehicles per day that travel through the intersection.  To provide safe work areas and keeping traffic flowing is something that needs to be managed on ongoing basis.  Monitoring and adjustment of traffic signals in the vicinity of the intersection is also occurring on an ongoing basis to optimise their operation to assist traffic to move as efficiently as possible through the intersection .

When the intersection is fully operational, there will be much greater lane capacity for both through and turning vehicles in all directions resulting in greater traffic efficiency and reduced delays.

Timing of traffic signals for pedestrians crossing Brisbane Water Drive at Kulara Avenue West Gosford. (CC2015/73)

Please be assured that the time pedestrians are provided to cross the road takes into account any extra width resulting from the reconstruction of the Brisbane Water Drive/Manns Road intersection, and is based on a very slow walking pace, taking into account the needs of elderly and mobility impaired pedestrians.

It is worth noting that when pedestrian signals turn red, it only means that you should not leave the kerb at this point.  If you commence crossing any time during the green pedestrian walk phase you will have ample time to complete your crossing.

Clearer direction for traffic as intersection is constructed to and from shopping town West Gosford. (CC2015/74)

A new directional sign has been erected northbound on Brisbane Water Drive outside the West Gosford Shopping Centre.  This new sign will assist motorists to choose the desired lane prior to the Central Coast Highway/Brisbane Water Drive/Manns Road intersection. Please see photograph of sign below.

Painted road arrows were also added to Brisbane Water Drive on 14 June 2015 to assist motorists to entry the appropriate lane earlier.


Footpath between Lorraine and Koolinda Avenues Brisbane Water Drive Point Clare. (CC2015/75)

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to undertake a road safety and traffic study (including pedestrian safety) along Brisbane Water Drive at Point Clare which would include the section between Lorraine and Koolinda Avenues to identify possible safety improvements.  Please note that the NSW Government has committed $2M for safety improvements in the area and that Roads and Maritime will consult with the community prior to any changes being carried out as a result of the study.  Although footpaths are the responsibility of Gosford City Council, Roads and Maritime will be liaising with Council regarding pedestrian connectivity in the area. 


Penang Street – safe entry and exit on to Brisbane Water Drive Point Clare. (CC2015/76)

Roads and Maritime Services has undertaken some work to improve safety at the intersection of Penang and Brisbane Water Drive at Point Clare, including improving visibility of the centre linemarking on the curve; installing advance warning signage for the intersection;  and upgrading of the curve advisory signage to larger size.  The intersection has also been converted from a give way to a stop sign intersection.  Fluorescent curve alignment markers will also be added to the guardrail opposite Penang Street to further highlight the curve.

As you are aware the alignment and topography at the site of the intersection makes Penang Street a complex traffic environment, however the Penang Street intersection is within the study area referred to above.

Left hand turn in to Talinga Avenue from Brisbane Water Drive going towards Gosford at Point Clare. (CC2015/77)

Roads and Maritime Services has previously investigated the combined through and left turn lane at the intersection of Brisbane Water Drive.  The lane is considered long enough for safe merging to occur.  Please note that previous speed surveys undertaken at the location do not indicate that there is a speed issue through the area, however I will forward the information collected from the surveys to the NSW Police Force to assist them in any speed enforcement activity they undertake in the area.  If driver behaviour is a concern at the merge point, please let me know and I will raise this with the Police on your behalf.

40kp/h speed zone for Point Clare Public School on Brisbane Water Drive in school hours. (CC2015/78)

Roads and Maritime State-wide guidelines support the installation of 40km/h school zones only on roads with direct access points to schools. Point Clare Public School does not have direct access to Brisbane Water Drive and Roads and Maritime would not encourage access on to such a heavily trafficked road.   Access is always safer via a local road that carries less traffic. This said, Roads and Maritime Services will be considering the appropriateness of a 40km/h school zone on Brisbane Water Drive in front of Point Clare Public School as part of the planned Brisbane Water Drive Study.

Curb side drain maintenance to stop roadside flooding before 2 lane bridge Corumbine Creek Point Clare. (CC2015/79)

Roads and Maritime Services arranged for drainage maintenance work to be undertaken at Corumbine Creek to clear any blockages to resolve the water issue.  The work was carried out on 11 June 2015.  If there are any further water issues at this location, please let me know.

Reduce speed limit on Tascott Straight Tascott. (CC2015/80)

 Please note that Road and Maritime Services considers the existing 70km/h speed limit appropriate for the road environment at this location.  This said, Roads and Maritime forward speed survey information collected for this site to the NSW Police Force to assist them to enforce at the times that motorists are most likely to be exceeding the speed limit.

 CC2015-81 – Roadside Armco Barrier from Tascott Straight to Brisbane Water Drive Foreshore Reserve Tascott. (CC2015/81)

Roads and Maritime plans to install a safety barrier on Brisbane Water Drive south of Waterview Crescent, Tascott in 2015/16 to prevent vehicles travelling into the shared pedestrian/cycle path and Brisbane Water itself.  

Couche Crescent from Woy Woy on Brisbane Water Drive, and move the bus stop opposite Couche Crescent Koolewong. (CC2015/82)

I understand that the existing northbound bus stop location is affecting traffic flow when vehicles are waiting to right into Couche Crescent from Brisbane Water Drive.  Please note that Roads and Maritime are currently investigating this concern, and will be liaising with Busways to discuss possible solutions.


12th October 2012 Petition for pedestrian footpath on Brisbane Water Drive. Click here to view
2nd August 2012 Letter from Gosford City Councilregarding footpath along Brisbane Water Drive, Point Clare
22nd May 2012:
From Heather Wharton

Director Metropolitan & Regional Projects North
NSW Government Planning & Infrastructure

We have received correspondence advising that the proposed 50 berth marina at Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong has been approved, subject to conditions laid down by the Planning Assessment Commission.
The assessment report, determination report and the approval plans are available at http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/.
A link to this correspondence is included below. However a copy of the project approval, as referred to in the correspondence, was not included.
Note that this is a large file so please contact the association if you would like a copy and have problems with downloading.
Letter from NSW Government Planning & Infrastructure

1st September 2011:
From Pat Aiken
Coastal Residents Inc

Coastal Zone Management Plan.
The progress association has received correspondence and media releases regarding the above subject from “Coastal Residents Inc”, signed by its secretary Pat Aiken. For further information regarding "Coastal Residents Inc" please contact Mr Aiken by email aiken012@bigpond.com or mobile phone 0414 800 188.
Meanwhile our association will be pursuing Gosford council environment planning director, Colleen Worthy-Jennings & Gosford MP, Chris Holstein regarding the local proposals for the Brisbane Water area and related suburbs.

29th July 2011:
From Len Murray
28th June 2011

27th June at 220 Pitt Street, Sydney

The all day meeting was attended by some ninety people of this State, as interested individuals or representing organisations such as the Waterfront Action Group, "W.A.G".
Together with the employees of the relevant government departments and selected representative groups there were 16 people on the podium table facing the audience and who fielded questions and made replies. Time slots at the various sessions were provided for questions and comments from the audience. Many spoke of their own personal and family circumstances, some extremely emotional. Click here to view full text.

12th July 2011:

Jill Greenwood, Assistant Treasurer of the Progress Association, being awarded Life Membership of the Central Coast Outrigger Canoe Club at the annual end of Regatta Season Dinner. Held on the 18th June, 2011 at Woy Woy. Jill was recognised for her participation and support over the last 10 years.

27th June 2011:

IPART review on rent determination for domestic waterfront tenancies being held on 27 June, 2011, at the Wesley Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney: Click here to view full text.

26th June 2011: June General Meeting Minutes:  Click here to view full text.
Friday 3rd June 2011: CANCELLED: Goodaywang Reserve Working Bee
26th May 2011: Draft Brisbane Water Estuary Management Plan:Click here to view full text.

This has been a memorable and worthwhile year for your association and in this, my second annual presidential report, I am happy to focus on some of the positive achievements during the year. Our change to quarterly meetings on Thursday evenings has met with considerable support from the community, and attendance and interest in our guest speakers and their special topics have increased significantly.

In June, Lynden Moyes spoke on home safety during the bushfire season and the value of community fire units. With this past summer’s weather and the dominance of La Nina there were no challenges this time.

Jane Smith’s talk in September on the Community Environment Network led us into our own project at the newly refurbished and officially re-opened Goodaywang Reserve where monthly Bush Care working bees have started and are planned to be continued in the year ahead. We thank Gary Palmer of Gosford Council for his advice and practical assistance in getting these under way.

We were able to have a table display at the Point Clare Public School Fair and in so doing we advertised our December local history meeting and Christmas supper. The committee joins me in thanking all those who came along to the latter to talk about old times and hear the stories from Winsome Andrews, Stephen Clarke and others. The gathering was a fitting and happy way to end our year.

We were unsuccessful in our request for a toilet block to be installed at Uratta St playground, however we are pleased to let you know that the local Guringai people should soon be able to celebrate with us the re-naming of the area as Bungaree Reserve. This is to honour an important indigenous leader of the Brisbane Water area in the time of Governor Macquarie and also to recognise those of his descendants who live here on the coast.

And while in this area I might join with the residents of Uratta St in thanking the council for the complete resurfacing of their street after major infrastructure work. Again we look forward to seeing the improvements to and widening of one section of Glenrock Parade, having been informed that this is on the 2011 Council works programme.

The new dinghy rack at Koolewong is finished and in use. It is good to see projects such as this, initially proposed by our association, brought into being.

The challenges, however, are always before us, and many of our members keep a close eye on development applications and other press announcements. Our thanks go particularly in this instance to Joan Johnstone for her hard work in monitoring such applications and making submissions on our behalf. The withdrawal of the current application by Bunnings to re-locate to Yallambee St is in no doubt due to Joan’s and other West Gosford residents’ lobbying for all.

On the waterfront some of our members have been active participants in meetings and submissions on rising sea levels; and no doubt others will be interested in the development application, as recently advertised in the local press, to have a marina built at Koolewong.

It is not possible to mention all of our activities and interests in this brief report, but I would encourage you all as members to maintain your positive approach to living in this beautiful area. Let’s keep it that way.

My special thanks go to the committee, and particularly our Secretary, Helen Orchard whose hard work with many letters, e-mails and phone calls has achieved so much. Sonnie Hopkins’s assistance with the newsletter, too, has been much appreciated, especially as the latter is again being distributed throughout the whole community as in previous years.

Thank you,
Jon Fearon.

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