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Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into EPA

Submission - Gosford Waterfront Development

Response from Chris Holstein regarding Footpath Brisbane Water Drive January 2013

RMS letter regarding Talinga Avenue September 2012

GCC letter regarding foothpath Brisbane Water November 2012

Response regarding request for removal of Traffic lane Talinga Avenue, Point Clare November 2012

GCC Brisbane Water Drive 02.08.2012

13-09-2012:  Letter from Roads & Maritime re Talinga Ave / Brisbane Water Dr Intersection:

I refer to your letter dated 26 April 2012 outlining safety concerns at the intersection of Brisbane Water Drive and Talinga Avenue at Point Clare and your request to have the northbound kerbside through lane converted to a left turn only lane.
Recently a road safety audit was undertaken of Talinga Avenue to gauge any safety risks at this intersection. The audit raised no issue with the existing combined through and left turn lane at Talinga Avenue.
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11-11-2012:  Submission from KPCTPA re Water Rates Proposal:

Author name:

H. Orchard
Koolewong and Point Clare-Tascott Progress Association Inc.

Date of submission: Sunday, 11 November 2012


The above Progress Association objects to the proposed raising of Water Rates bills by Gosford City Council from 2013. A fair increase should be the CPI.

Poor management by Gosford City Council seems to have been shown in the Councils inability to manage upgrade of infrastructure since the building of the Mangrove Dam in the late 80's.

Ratepayers of the shire have curbed their water usage as asked by Gosford City Council, so surely this should be reflected by less maintenance cost going into the future. Budgets should be laid by Council to ensure expenditure is appropriately maintained in each calendar year.

Email from Gosford City Council re Funding for Couche Park foreshore stabilisation

Couche Park From: Warren Brown
Sent: ??
Hi Gary, Sorry for the late reply, I have been on leave. Please be advised that there is currently no funding allocated to Couche Park seawall in the 2012/13 budget.
I have been discussing this with the asset manager and have suggested that we apply for funding through the Estuary Management Program, please note that this will require Council to commit to 50% of the cost of the wall so I will also have to make a bid for funding through Councils internal budgets.
I will keep you posted on my progress, ultimately the final decision to proceed with this project rests with the asset manager, Kim Radford (Coordinator for Parks, Playgrounds and Foreshores).
Regards, Warren Brown, Coastal & Estuary Officer | Open Space & Leisure Services, Gosford City Council

15-11-11:Email from Gosford City Council re Couche Park foreshore stabilisation

Couche Park From: Warren Brown
Sent: Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Helen, We are currently negotiating the contract for seawall design at Couche Park with the engineering firm Worley Parsons. I hope to be in contact within the next fortnight to organise a meeting on site with the engineer and a representative from your association. I understand that this process can be quite frustrating however we need to obtain a detailed design so we can ensure that we are implementing a solution that will be effective and long lasting. This is in the best interests of both Council and the Community. In relation to the old timber posts, I will notify the asset manager so they can inspect the site and undertake any necessary remedial work.
Regards, Warren Brown, Coastal & Estuary Officer | Open Space & Leisure Services, Gosford City Council

10-11-11:Email to Gosford City Council from KPCTPA re Couche Park foreshore stabilisation

Dear Mr Brown, Thank you for your email of 7th September. We are now into November 2011 and it seems that no further work has been carried out on the foreshore of Couche Park. The coir logs that your refer to are no longer in existence